The Comtella System

for use in CMPT 490 (Ethics and CS) Jan-March 2004

Please, click here to go to the Comtella Evaluation Form. You will receive 2% bonus marks for completing the questionnaire. You can only evaluate the system once. (March 31, 2004)


The Comtella system is an experimental peer-to-peer filesharing system, developed at the MADMUC Lab.

It allows students to share their bookmarks or URLs of materials that are relevant to a particular class, to rate the materials and comment them and share these comments.

In order to use the system, you need to download an interface (a java application, comtella.jar file) and execute the jar file on your computer. You need to have JDK1.4 or higher version installed on the computer. The interface will connect to your peer which resides on a server machine at the MADMUC lab and will require you to authenticate yourself using the username (your NSID) and a password which you should have received by e-mail.

Click here to download your Comtella client (version from Jan. 21, 2004)

Here is the newest version (March 10, 2004), which allows sorting the links in the "Share" window (i.e. your own shared links) by all criteria. Also a bug in reporting the numbers of shared / original papers has been fixed. Please, update your version as soon as possible!
(hey, at this speed of new version releases we can compete with MS! :-).

Here are instructions for using Comtella.

Please, send error-reports, comments and suggestions to Julita (jiv at usask dot cs dot ca).