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Application- and Personal-Agents, I-Help

Participants: Julita Vassileva, Ralph Deters, Jim Greer (ARIES), Gord McCalla (ARIES), Lori Kettel (ARIES)

We propose goal-based agents attached to networked applications and learning environments to support user's work and learning. Users, learners, applications and learning environments are represented by autonomous goal-based social agents which communicate, cooperate, and compete in a multi-system and multi-user distributed environment. This approach allows to consider in a uniform way working, adaptation to the user's goals and preferences, level of experience and available resources, as well as teaching the user using various teaching paradigms (consrtuctivist or instructivist). In addition it allows taking into account of user's /learner's motivation and affect; as well as a coherent discussion of teaching strategies.

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  • Kevin Kostuik and Julita Vassileva (1999) Free Market Control for a Multi-Agent Based Peer Help Environment, in Proceedings of the Workshop on Agents for Electronic Commerce and Managing the Internet-Enabled Supply Chain, held in association with the 3rd International Conference on Autonomous Agents (Agents '99), Seattle, May 1-5, 1999.
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  • Vassileva, J. (1997) A New Veiw of Interactive Human-Computer Environments (summary) (poster-miniature). In Proceedings of UM'97, the 6-th International Conference on User Modeling, Chia Laguna, Sardinia, 433-455.
  • Vassileva J. (1997) Goal-Based Pedagogical Agents, in Proceedings of AI-ED'97 (Workshop on Pedagogical Agents), Kobe, Japan, 18.08-24.08.1997, also available as PDF A4 format (405 KB) and as PDF US-letter (405 KB)

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