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Agent Coalition Formation in Electronic Marketplaces


We address long-term coalitions that are formed of both customer and vendor agents after evaluating their relationships with other agents in the system. We present a coalition formation mechanism designed at agent level and analyzed at both system and agent levels. Evaluation has been conducted to compare agent strategies (individual vs. social) and to analyze the system behavior under different circumstances. Our results show that the coalition formation mechanism is beneficial for both the system (it reaches an equilibrium state) and for the agents (their gains increase exponentially in time).

  • Breban,S., J. Vassileva (2001) Long-term Coalitions for the Electronic Marketplace, in B. Spencer (ed.) Proceedings of the E-Commerce Applications Workshop, Canadian AI Conference, Ottawa, June 7-10 2001.
  • Breban S., J. Vassileva (2002a) Using Inter-Agent Trust Relationships for Efficient Coalition Formation, to appear in R. Cohen and B.Spencer (eds.) Proceedings of the 13th Canadian Conference on AI, Calgary, 28-30 May, 2002, Springer Verlag.
  • Breban S., J.Vassileva (2002b) A Coalition Formation Mechanism Based on Inter-Agent Trust Relationships. To appear in L. Johnson & C. Castelfranchi (eds.) Proceedings of the First Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Bologna, Part 1, ACM Press, 306-308.
  • Vassileva, J. Breban, S. Horsch M. (2002) Agent Reasoning Mechanism for Long-Term Coalitions Based on Decision Making and Trust, Computational Intelligence, Vol. 18, no. 4, 2002 Special Issue on Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce, 15 pp manuscript.


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