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The MADMUC Lab "opened its doors" for graduate and undergraduate students in September 2000. It has been funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), by the provincial government of Saskatchewan and by the University of Saskatchewan with a "new opportunities" grant for Dr. J. Vassileva and Dr. R. Deters. The total cost of the project is $895,687. It includes space renovation and purchase of powerful server computers, workstations, mobile computers (notebooks and palm-tops), WAP enabled cellular phones, wearable computers and a wireless infrastructure. This facility enables experimental research of adaptive distributed software applications that configure themselves automatically according to the userís needs, platform constraints and location.

From July 2000 until September 2013, over the past 13 years, the MADMUC lab has graduated 56 graduate students (51 M.Sc.and 5 Ph.D students) who hold positions now in a wide range of companies and universities across Canada. Of these 24, or 43% were women. We have also trained 14 undergraduate summer students, of which 9 (64%) were women. Currently, 21 graduate students (5 PhD) are pursing their degrees.

Our students come from different parts of the world: over the years we have had students from 25 different nations (check their flags below), from Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe! Currently, there are 21 students pursuing gradute degrees working in the lab.

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An overview of the lab's projects and techniques.

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